Food made with love

Nithik’s kitchen is geared and set up to offer rich aroma and flavorful spicy Indian delight.
Our vision is to provide you quality blend of authentic Indian recipes with fresh Australian produce and to offer unbounded exquisite overwhelming services. Our restaurant covers delicious and multifarious homemade dishes of popular regions ranging from
chettinad cuisine, Tanjore Marathi cuisine, Awadhi cuisine from Lucknow, Royal Nawab kitchen from Hyderabad and much more.
Welcome to the odyssey of food and care - Nithik’s Kitchen

Nithiks Kitchen is closed from 8th February Sunday for nearly 2 weeks, due to renovation of our restaurant.
We will let you know the opening date soon.
Sorry for inconvenience, for any further information please contact us on 02 8084 8921 or 0423 746 737 or 0433 436 037.